Internship (Andrea Rossi, Italy)

When I first decided to come to Tokyo, the most difficult challenge I faced was finding housing. I did some research online before moving to Tokyo. There are many agencies that offer apartment rentals or short-stay accommodations for international people in Japan, but many of them are very expensive, which can make a temporary stay in Japan prohibitive for students.

I eventually located an agency called Tokyo Auxilia, which helps international students who are seeking internships in Japan. Tokyo Auxilia assisted me in finding an apartment in a convenient location, which saved me time and money.

After I returned to my country, I decided to ask Tokyo Auxilia to find me another internship in Tokyo. Within a month, I was ready for the next experience!

I'm very grateful to Tokyo Auxilia for supporting me in every single aspects of my time in Japan, from finding an internship to helping me to secure temporary housing.