What Tokyo Auxilia provides

Tokyo Auxilia will locate, identify, and match students with companies. Currently, we are asking companies to accept the students from Italy. In the near future, we will be expanding to locate more students from major European countries.

Tokyo Auxilia will:
  • Facilitate introductions between students/interns and companies.
  • Request companies pay for interns' transportation fees during the internship period as they will be traveling to Japan with tourist visas and will not be permitted to receive payment for their services. 
  • Provide interns for contract period of one to three months. 
  • Offer a discounted introduction fee if a company becomes a repeat client or accepts two or more interns at the same time.


Our Service for interns

We will provide following services for students/interns. Our service fees will vary according to the length and time of year. Please inquire about our seasonal fee schedule.

Tokyo Auxilia will:
  • Facilitate introductions between students/interns and companies. Students are not charged a fee for introductions.
  • Arrange and coordinate transportation upon students’ arrival in Japan. (fee applies)
  • Provide newly arrived students with basic orientation to daily life in Japan, including introductory visits to the grocery store, train/subway stations, coin laundry, etc. 
  • Provide assistance if student becomes ill or is injured.
  • Provide​ consultation and support related to daily life challenges.
  • Find appropriate housing for students and facilitate arrangements with landlords, as well as with moving in/out. (partial fee charged)
    Accommodation options:
    •  a) Apartment
    •  b) Shared house
    •  c) Homestay
  • Assist students in purchasing or renting mobile phones while in Japan. (students will pay purchase or rental fees) 
  • Arrange and host sightseeing trips on weekends.(optional)